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Welcome to Old Town Toronto

Old Town is a neighbourhood and retail district in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was the first of Toronto’s named neighbourhoods, having acquired the moniker no later than 1815, at which time the original town of York was expanding.

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Ah, Toronto in the Autumn! Is there any better time of the year? The leaves are changing, the air is filled with the scent of nutmeg, and the temperature is gradually changing towards the chilly. In other words, it’s prime weather to feel all nice and cozy! And as always at this time of year,…

BOOOOooOOooOoooOOooOOO! I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to scare you there. It’s just that with it being October and Halloween coming up, we get in kind of a spooky mood around here and sometimes get a little carried away.  But you know…since the season is upon us, how about a couple of ghost stories? After all,…

Supporting your local Old Town Toronto businesses has never been more important. Here is a list of some local spots and their feature items this month, which will make it even easier to shop, dine and do business in OTT. 🙂 Farm’r Prepared Meals with 5 Day Delivery Farm’r is back selling prepared meals through…

Let’s face it. 2020 has been…maybe a bit stressful! And pairing that with the regular day to day stresses of life in the big city we can often forget to take in some essential quality “Me Time” to help us unplug, decompress, and relax a little bit so all of our stresses and little aches…

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